When was Period House Conceived? A Blog Post.

Period House was conceived on a frigid night in January in a dimly lit dive bar between myself, and producer, Liz Zimmerman. And though I may have birthed Period House after a three and a half month writing- labor, Liz is most assuredly the one who has taken our “child” and made it into the phenomenon you see before you today. While Liz wanted a statement piece that was reflective of her own life experiences, I had a deep desire to send a love letter of sorts to all the amazing women I have had in my life through the years by creating a warm; funny; honest work of fiction that could offer an hour of much needed escapism. Though this play is specifically designed to be seen through the lens of a cis woman’s perspective all are welcomed, and greatly encouraged to share in the joyful learning experience that is Period House. If you’ve ever had child rearing angst; financial hardships; career blues; or relationship woes then Period House is still the place for you. So please join us during one of our ten performances between September 7ththrough the 22nd. You’ll laugh until you cry. Or you’ll cry until you laugh. Either way you’ll leave with an odd craving for an ice cream sundae, and a steam.  

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