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Hey everybody, it’s your favorite Period House creator back again this week to shower you in fun updates regarding our “little play that could.” This week we start our fundraising and ad sales campaigns! I know, don’t everyone fall off their seats at once with that announcement, haha. But this is exciting stuff. 

We are a small, first time production company who has come a long way in a very short amount of time but in order to keep going, and in turn present to you the finest performances in town this September, we need a wee bit of help. How you ask? Well, aren’t you the inquisitive one…great question! 

We are currently looking for help to cover the cost of our performance location at the wonderful Inspire Arts Space. Our goal is to hit the 1,950 cost it took to rent the building. What can you do? My, you’re really interested in assisting us, aren’t you? Well, it’s super easy. You can send all donations via PayPal! If you’re not familiar with PayPal then contact us through our Facebook page ( or email us directly at just ragtimeplayers@gmail.comand we will most definitely help you figure out a way to get your important donation to us. 

Just have cash? No problem. Want to send a check attached to a carrier pigeon? I’ll tell you where my windowsill is. I could even be convinced to show up at your door and recite a few jokes if that’s what’s most exciting for you. No amount is ever too small! It isn’t the size of your purse that matters but how you swing it when you’re strutting down the street. 

And hey, if you don’t want to help with our fundraiser but have a business; upcoming show; start- up venture etc. that you’d like to advertise then do it through us! Not only are we one of only five productions supported by this year’s FringeArts Independent Grant, but we are getting closer everyday to selling out our 600+ seat run, AND we are garnering quite the social media presence through our fun website here, and sister Facebook page. 

So, let us have the honor of showcasing your pride and joy through either our playbills; online forum, or both! I know, I know…you want to know how to reach us for more information on advertisement pricing. You’re really on the ball today! It is the same as previously stated above: ragtimeplayers@gmail.comor

Super easy, right? But just like everything in life there is a deadline for these two campaigns. So make sure you get in contact with us by 11:59pm on August 26th, 2019! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tell folks that you were a part of making this year’s funniest Fringe play happen. Until next blog…toodles!


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